About Lavish Beauty

ItsLavishBeauty was a long awaited dream of two goal-oriented entrepreneur sisters Dannisha and Jalissa Burke. Growing up we were raised by immigrant parents who always reminded us of the struggles they faced making a life for us and our siblings. Fortunately our parents blood, sweat, and tears did not go to waste as they gave us the opportunity to attended college and provided a loving and stable home throughout our upbringing. As young adults we dabbled in several different career avenues. We mastered hair styling, became certified nail technicians, and even tinkled with ideas of becoming esthetician’s just to name a few. After these career ventures fizzled out and we decided it was our time to take ever so daunting plunge into the e-commerce world. As a single mother of two (Dannisha) and a college student (Jalissa), we knew first hand what it’s like to sacrifice what you wanted for what you needed.



We loved getting glammed up and were often mesmerized by high end products but got turned off by the high price tag. This often left us purchasing the cheaper alternative that really were a hit or miss. With that in mind we knew that wanted our brand to be like no other! Our mission is to provide high quality beauty and bath products with an affordable price tag. At ItsLavishBeauty we want you to feel and look your best, wether you rocking a pair of our Lavish Lashes or bathing with our luxurious bath products. Living a lavish lifestyle doesn’t have to break the bank! And thus in the summer of 2020 ItsLavishBeauty was born.